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A few illustrations I've been meaning to share, some since May.

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I wrote a short entry about Otto the Book Bear a few years ago but I cannot locate it now. Regardless, I finally decided to buy a copy of this sweet book for myself, for a penny, plus the usual $3.99 s/h. The book was listed in 'good' condition and the description said the binding was tight and there were no marks on the pages.

The book is in excellent condition and has only one tiny tear in the dust jacket down near the base of the spine! I brought it into work and gave it a mylar cover-

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I love Cleminson's illustrations and the story is just a nice little read. Otto is the subject of a new book just released last month and I hope we get one for our Childrens Room at work.

Otto and Ernest are a great couple of friends :o)


Apr. 3rd, 2016 09:24 am
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Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote


Actually, the NWS did predict this :o)

I watched this movie this morning-

Entertaining. Very Disney "kid's movie." Lucious Pixar animation... look at this background!

It was nothing I imagined based on the few trailers I had seen, but then again, few movies are. Check it out at your local library (I snagged mine from work: it was in processing and wasn't going anywhere until Monday).

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I was walking out back with the pup, musing over where life has taken me, when suddenly The Huntress rushes the back fence. She's silent other than a low growl and the papery hiss of disturbed leaf litter. It was dusky dawn, and through the grey shadows I could see a white form, bobbing, climbing, like a hare scaling the wire but zig-zagging, soundlessly. I'm mesmerized, the dog is frantic, and I realize that it's not a white rabbit or some other shimmering critter I'm seeing but a flagging deer! Off she bounds without a twig or branch to be heard beneath her deft hooves, while the dog ends her own run with a snort as she skids, turns, and trots off to check out the rest of her yard.

Back inside the house the dog now starts whining and pawing the front window, and as I walk over she starts her bark-bark-barking at this dark shape against the dark lawn under the apple tree- a bunny this time, grazing without concern for the racket inside the house. I had to shoo him away before the dog would stop her commotion.

A nice and peaceful Sunday morning :D

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A movie starring Ben Vereen arrived in the ILL delivery at work today. My mind immediately recalled him as Mayor Ben...

I hadn't thought about this odd little show in years. :D

Let me share my pain-

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Probably my favorite Thanksgiving book is One Terrific Thanksgiving, by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, and illustrated by Lilian Obligado.

It's not a particularly great story, but Lilian Obligado's illustrations never fail to please me. Her animals are an absolute delight to behold, with sweet expressions and wondrous detail. You can google up her accomplishments in an image search of her name. Of course I love her bunny books, but these bears (all her bears) just make me smile.

Expandable pics from One Terrific Thanksgiving, off the web
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More or less...

The Perp!


Full story.
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From a friend's Twitter post, a fascinating little story in the Hoppington Post. I'm not a major fan of Watership Down (though it is about rabbits, eh?), but the article gives insight about Adams' motivation and I enjoyed that aspect.

I also found the mention of this book, Shardik, interesting: published first in 1974, I never heard of it before the interview, but it sounds like a 'must read' and I've ordered one through the library.



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