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Snow tomorrow! Every town in Rhode Island has a parking ban in effect ahead of the expected 3-6" expected accumulation. A couple of private schools have posted closings but no public ones as of yet.

Vacation next week :o) The burner tech will be here at the house cleaning the furnace Monday so I decided I deserved the whole week off from work. No plans other than little stuff around the house and yard. I have a stack of Nicholas Oldland illustrated books to go though as well as a couple of random picks that came across the desk. I might also watch the Blu-ray of Summer Wars that I picked up.

A visit from the DEM- I had to call the Environmental Management folks to dispatch an extremely disoriented raccoon on my property that was struggling to stand and walk. It kept falling over and flopping about; it was so very sad to have to do this. I figured it had rabies and I was in fear of other critters having contact with it. After the officer shot it and brought it out to his truck we looked it over and it really didn't look to be unkempt or sickly. I hope it hadn't been poisoned by a neighbor. I even worried that my rusty old truck which it was near might be leaking antifreeze and that the poor thing got into that, but I looked today and there is no evidence of any of that under the engine.

A gift from the Wolfling on Monday, just because-

I haven't written that he has moved out of the house and into rented duplex with four friends. It has been hard to get my head around this as we would still watch shows a few times a week (nice that one's 20 year old still had time for dad) and of course talk about furry stuff and whatnot. Not quite empty nest but this leaves a major hole in my heart nonetheless. I think of all the things we did over the years and like the subtle line in Storks "...blink of an eye." I'll lament over this in a post sometime when I'm feeling more sorry for myself.

I wrote about (fawned over) this bear in my other journal-

I've since asked Gund if they could clarify the size of this guy, whether he is measured seated or standing. I did this on both their website and in their Twitter feed. My only observation here: Don't offer customer service online if you can't follow through. In other words, they never got back to me.

I have loaded a trial version of Faronics Deep Freeze onto my home computer. We use this program at work and I wanted to see how it managed here at the house. I was contacted by Faronics shortly after asking if I liked it and if I had questions. Did I mention my feelings about online customer service ;o) Right, no feedback to my feedback... I like the program except that it lacks the controls the full blown Enterprise version gives you (the difference is about $600 more for that version, of course). Still, I may spring the $45 for this one depending on licensing expiry and whatnot.

Not much else. One of the work computers had a scareware Zeus Trojan alert when I got there this morning. I think the patron was afraid to turn the machine off (the scareware said not to, of course) and there was this blinky "call our toll free number immediately" notice going on. I rebooted and just for safety did a scan. The reboot cleared the garbage out because that's what Deep Freeze does.

A thought for the day

Yes, I sent this to my Wolfling, because yes, he smokes :o)

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Last year we had ice dams form in the gutters along the rear bottom of the roof. Water seeped (sept?) in and followed the wiring/plumbing/heating paths down the walls down to the basement ceiling above my computer: *drip.drip.drip* In a panic I disconnected everything and moved the components away from danger... and there they sat until tonight.

I assembled my system in the front room and am waiting now for a painfully slow MS update check to complete (I figure it will tell me 150mb, give or take Oh, hey, 633mb). I may forego this check until tomorrow as I've already dozed off in the past half hour of waiting :D

I need this PC to do my taxes on. I also prefer it to the iPad for speed and muscle. I let it sit from discouragement with the mess in the cellar, and then the 'convenience' of tablet surfing. Silly me...
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I already hate this. My iPad is choking, particularly in lj, making internet time anything but entertaining (unless poor loading, slow scrolling, locked up pages entertain you). I may be forced to find alternate ways to view posts (like the lj phone ap which automatically cuts down lengthy entries with manageable previews). I've tried a couple of online hints which helped just a smidge, and will seek out more if things don't improve (like an update 9.1 which can't be far off...).

*snicker* I'm reminded of my 386 in its twilight, when I would configure memory usage (hi-Mem and whatnot), and also I could shut off photo loading in Netscape in order to speed up pages.

This just blows. I can't afford a new tablet just to take advantage of an 'improved' os. And it's not just lj- other sites can be just as frustrating!
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One of the most common complaints by new users of the library computers is that their home pcs are 'broken.' This is more frequent than we more savvy users might be aware of.  I say savvy but I could also say 'fortunate' or 'lucky.' It astounds me how many people click bad links and fu@k up their home computers. It amazes me more that there are so f''ing many bad links out here. The malware people have gotten very sophisticated, and it's scary.

I've opened infected email, and luckily I had antivirus software that jumped all over it before anything seeped out. For the most part I can generally spot junk prior to clicking, but there are those mouse over nasties and redirects that sneak in regardless. And then there's that CryptoWare running around the net extorting users to retrieve pictures and files.

I've been backing up my system more frequently and keeping programs patched and updated, but I don't feel as secure as I could. I'm considering buying Faronics Deep Freeze for home (we use it at work, and it is one of the best tools in my kit. And it has that cute bear!).

I spent approximately five hours this week trying to clean up my sister's pc. Spybot, MSE, System Restore, and good old fashioned sleuthing still didn't pull everything out that I would have wanted to eliminate, but it runs faster and cleaner than before. After the first round of cleaning she made the error of clicking a damned java look-alike link and flooded the system with redirect programs and the like. I got to the point of googling every unknown file in the processes and tossing out what files would allow me to dump them. Nasty, invasive stuff.

But I got a nice gift out of it for my helping (aside from some gas money): a Wilton Cake Decorating kit! I also got a bunch of cookies and candies she didn't want as she is on a diet.

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I'm starting to get renewal hints from LJ for my paid account, but am not sure if I want to pay for a service that has been as buggy as it has been for me lately. Pages load slowly, if at all, and sometimes I just can't connect without several resends. I've checked my internet connection and Speakeasy reports fast upload/download speeds even during LJ's problem times. I don't have problems with other sites like I do with LiveJournal. The only benefits I think I'm getting with a paid account are more user pics and an advertisement-free screen. I know it's relatively inexpensive to have a paid account, but I wish the site 'worked' better.


*sigh* if my credit card numbers were still loaded into my account I'd just let it renew automatically. Since changing my numbers early this year, though, I'll have to make a decision.


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