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I got to watch Arrival last night and although it was hard to follow with surety at times (those who have seen it will understand) I liked its approach to extraterrestrial visits as well as how it developed and progressed. A few cliches here, a few new twists there...

Last week I started the new Pete's Dragon. Very Disney in its approach to families... wuss that I am, I started crying about two minutes in and finally shut it down after about half an hour. No Mickey Rooney here for comic relief.

Today the Library showed Trolls for a vacation week flick (kids are out of school). I have no interest in this film: I don't like the characters' looks whatsoever (I never liked those damned little Troll dolls/toys as a kid, either). However, I decided to do a pic for the board regardless, using googled pic for reference (I just realized now I forgot the eyelashes)

I was limited to three or four colors of makers so I couldn't get the blues in this. I'm not displeased with proportions even though these are freehand and not circle/line type sketch to drawings. But I still don't like the movie's animation look ;o)

Did I mention the new Ben Hur previously? It didn't appeal to me so probably not. Morgan Freeman's narration reminded me too much of Shawshank where he commented on Andy and the Sisters :D


Feb. 19th, 2017 02:58 pm
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After finishing taxes today I used my Paint Shop Pro program to browse the files I saved off of my dying portable drive. This was fitting as PSP was my first picture editing software (and a bootleg version it was, in 1997). I'm floored at the information that was on here: my first webpages from both (now defunct) and :o) So many pics! A lot of computer/mouse drawn and even more sketchy stuff. I'm so happy to see these again.

Like this one-

1997- Someone random in chat asked for a picture of a hug. Can't say if they liked this, but I did.

I had a happy half hour just browsing folders. The files range from 1996 to about 2011. I didn't read the text files but concentrated on the draws and other pictures: I'm a visual kind of fur ;o)

I remember drawing these rabbits during my "Franz Marc" period

I love Marc's use of colors and his mysticism and symbolism. I can't touch that, but at the time I was really into blues and yellows in my coloring and painting.

I used to draw randomly on whatever paper was available: I had it bad! I got the idea along the way to bind up pics in like groups, like this little book of deities-

I have to find that booklet again and look at what is included. I think my angus dei is in it along with my St. Luke draws, but maybe it's just some Babylonian stuff (like the water colored calf on the cover).

As I say to myself frequently, I need to get back into this again!

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