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Deer! The Huntress spooked them away from outside the back corner of her yard only to have them reappear an hour later over by the old truck.

tippity-hoof, tippity-hoof

Ooooh, for me?

There were two that munched the apples I'd thrown for the rabbit, and more pictures can be seen here on my google site:

The pics aren't great (lighting, focus), but I view these as the equivalent of Polaroids or Instamatic pics anyway. And the deer were constantly moving about: such inconsideration! The smallest one would zoom through the yard, jumping fallen trees and ducking low branches, all-out having fun, while the adults grouped together cautiously and watched all around constantly. In the end, the young'n was all out of breath and panting and just enjoying the thrill of living.

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I'm in the dog yard with The Huntress this morning, and by golly there is the side-yard rabbit in her favorite corner munching wild rose stems and hips like every other day. She stops when I spot her and just stands still waiting for the dog to start the chase. Bunny does her circle around the trees and bushes and easily outdistances the pup, running past me and out through the fence. Fantastic! I was so worried she was the one on the menu previously.

A couple of hours later I realize there is the driveway rabbit by the truck again, lazily eating apples I had tossed there, and totally ignoring the pup and myself in his dining.

Note: I do not believe this is same as the side-yard rabbit because he usually stays by the driveway near the truck (hence I sometimes call him driveway bunny) while the other is always on the other side of the dog yard near my shed and the woods there.

Regardless, he is alive as well! I don't know where the fox found the other bunny but there have been three here on occasion at mating times.

Another note: I call them by their respective pronouns because of where I usually find the kittens nesting.

So happy! I even got some pictures of a very cooperative driveway bunny.

Driveway bunny? I haven't heard that name in years...

A couple of more pics here on my google site:

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The wayward fox has taken one of the rabbits. I saw this, the silhouetted form of the fox emerging from behind some trees with something rabbit-looking hanging from its mouth. Moments earlier we were watching the fox cross among the shrubs and shadows, and it stopped to rummage in some bushes... I went out to the area later on and there were definite signs of a struggle in the snow. So it goes.

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I do not want to appear callous, I just have to remind myself that this is the way of the world. There had been a rabbit in the fenced part of the yard earlier in the morning and the dog didn't see it right away. I watched it for a bit, standing stock still as The Huntress sniffed about, and then the chase was on. I wonder if this was the same little bunny :o(

*sigh* I even made some bad jokes later, that either the fox would appear dragging a deer next, or vice versa. And then came a trio of hawks, gliding above, and while thinking "Ride of the Valkyries" I imagined them hauling off one of the deer as well.

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Feb. 19th, 2017 02:58 pm
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After finishing taxes today I used my Paint Shop Pro program to browse the files I saved off of my dying portable drive. This was fitting as PSP was my first picture editing software (and a bootleg version it was, in 1997). I'm floored at the information that was on here: my first webpages from both (now defunct) and :o) So many pics! A lot of computer/mouse drawn and even more sketchy stuff. I'm so happy to see these again.

Like this one-

1997- Someone random in chat asked for a picture of a hug. Can't say if they liked this, but I did.

I had a happy half hour just browsing folders. The files range from 1996 to about 2011. I didn't read the text files but concentrated on the draws and other pictures: I'm a visual kind of fur ;o)

I remember drawing these rabbits during my "Franz Marc" period

I love Marc's use of colors and his mysticism and symbolism. I can't touch that, but at the time I was really into blues and yellows in my coloring and painting.

I used to draw randomly on whatever paper was available: I had it bad! I got the idea along the way to bind up pics in like groups, like this little book of deities-

I have to find that booklet again and look at what is included. I think my angus dei is in it along with my St. Luke draws, but maybe it's just some Babylonian stuff (like the water colored calf on the cover).

As I say to myself frequently, I need to get back into this again!

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It's here, at last! Now we'll see how long it takes me to break it.

Thanks and a tip of the bunny ears to [ profile] ungulata for bringing this to my attention.

A pic: No one at work even noticed the little wolfie I put on the board today so I finally had to explain Lupercalia. Not that it mattered...

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I was telling my son on Monday that all the fireflies disappeared a couple of weeks back after a hellacious rain. I mean totally gone, not one could be seen anywhere on the property. I've never noticed this before, that they'd go before the end of August, so it worried me that maybe there was spraying going on for the ongoing moth invasion, but the moths were still abundant (f'ing moths, literally, hundreds of females on the trees being attended to by hundreds of males...).

So last night I go out the basement door with The Huntress and spook a bunny in the process: the rabbit and I are more surprised than she as pup tears out through the door in pursuit. Of course the rabbit gets clear. But hey, I see a firefly blink... and another, and damned if the whole backyard isn't filling up with their little lights :D Fortuitous?

I also heard a deer chuffing away in the backyard yesterday. We've had a beautiful young buck hanging around and I wonder if it wasn't him.

And rabbits... out front as well as the one in the back. It's probably the same rabbit circling about, but it could also be two separate bunnies. The one out back may have a nest started.

Finally, a most unusual addition to my backyard flora

(click to see full sizes)

It's a Canada Lily, or Meadow Lily: there are three but only one has a bloom. We've never had these before, or I've just never noticed them in the last 50 or so years there... Apparently White-tailed deer love eating these, so this one within the dog's fenced yard should be safe...
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This time there was a rabbit out front! I was all set to take a photo of her in an iconic profile pose when my eldest decided to go out the front door. I was able to get three pics at least, before she bolted, with one being less fuzzy than the other two

I added a link (click the pic) to the full size picture but it isn't too clear that way.

This bunny has been in a scrap of some sort, judging by the damage to the facing ear. The other pics are here on my google photos site along with some pictures taken in June.
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...that glass being my front window!

We had two fawns about 30 feet from the front of the house this morning.
Three pics, work safe )

Lucky timing on my part! There was an adult in the side yard earlier but I didn't have my camera with me... not that it mattered: she jumped up and trotted off as soon as she saw me.


Jun. 4th, 2016 08:38 pm
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or Scoots!

I have named the rabbit kitten Scooter because of how quickly it disappears when it senses danger. The adults are used to us and just watch carefully, but the baby goes *poof* when it hears noises.

I did get a couple of decent pics of it today, and I posted them to my google photos share, here. Included are two vegetation shots which are where the little fellow vanishes into and presumably lives (I've seen the kit appear from the brush several times).

My favorite photo today-

Click to enlarge and you will see the tell-tale 'white spot' on the forehead indicating that this is an Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus).

Otherwise... I saw our first firefly last night, blinking up in the tree canopy (***-***-***). I love this time of year!
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I finally got to see one of the baby bunnies out and about: It comes out of a brush pile by the cars and nibbles grass at the edge of the driveway. I haven't seen more than one at a time so it may be the lone survivor of a litter. Here's the only shot I could manage tonight that wasn't blurry or dark (it's expandable)-

We had the mottled rabbit around all day yesterday, grazing by the house. The grass here must be greener than in the fields...
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The Huntress began her frenzied "rabbit rabbit rabbit!" barking and sure enough I saw one of my friends out front. It was the one with stripe-like markings, and with the bridge camera photos I see that some face fur may be missing as well. Regardless, the bunny was most cooperative and let me photograph it from the front steps while it nibbled in the meadow that is my front yard (I can't mow its food supply, now, can I?).

There are a few more pictures, here.
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I was walking out back with the pup, musing over where life has taken me, when suddenly The Huntress rushes the back fence. She's silent other than a low growl and the papery hiss of disturbed leaf litter. It was dusky dawn, and through the grey shadows I could see a white form, bobbing, climbing, like a hare scaling the wire but zig-zagging, soundlessly. I'm mesmerized, the dog is frantic, and I realize that it's not a white rabbit or some other shimmering critter I'm seeing but a flagging deer! Off she bounds without a twig or branch to be heard beneath her deft hooves, while the dog ends her own run with a snort as she skids, turns, and trots off to check out the rest of her yard.

Back inside the house the dog now starts whining and pawing the front window, and as I walk over she starts her bark-bark-barking at this dark shape against the dark lawn under the apple tree- a bunny this time, grazing without concern for the racket inside the house. I had to shoo him away before the dog would stop her commotion.

A nice and peaceful Sunday morning :D

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The deer have been crossing through here again, daily, for about a week now. I usually see them 'beyond the wire' (dog fence) late afternoon, near 4:30. They also congregate next to the house, about twenty or thirty feet off (also just outside the fence). There are usually five, and sometimes seven. Of course I have no pics of the deer, just their tracks ;o) Some afternoon I'll wait patiently with the bridge camera.

Back yard

Side yard

I also saw three of them Friday morning, crossing out front, at around 6:00 A.M. It's comforting to know they are about still.

I have a rabbit post to make as well... maybe tomorrow.
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Good Form

Nov. 13th, 2015 02:15 pm
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In spring and fall, rabbits use a grass or weed shelter called a "form." The form is a nestlike cavity on the surface of the ground, usually made in dense cover. It gives the rabbit some protection from weather, but is largely used for concealment.*

Veterans Day was rainy and dreary here. As I walked with The Huntress out back I wondered where the deer and bunnies were hunkering down in the wet chill. Musing, I surveyed the brush and I realized there could be animals looking back and I probably couldn't see them with their protective coloration and natural shrewdness... And there I saw a lone rabbit watching me!

This critter was near to the dog's fence, about ten feet from the dog! The Huntress sensed it (that actually gave me the clue to look carefully into the woods) but she didn't see what I did. I watched the bunny for a bit, its fur all damp as it hunched in its form, and decided I shouldn't bother it or I might frighten it off. This was the first time I've ever seen a rabbit in its form, other than the babies the dog dug out.

I've returned to the spot several times over the past couple of days and the rabbit is still 'at home.' Being crepuscular she probably leaves around dusk, but I see her back later in the morning.

I've wanted to get her picture and I finally got a shot of her today! I also included a shot of my auto-focus nightmare due to all the branches.



*The best 'form' description I could find in a hurry: from
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There's something mystical that when reading about animism and spiritual connections you look up to find a deer watching you from your front yard. Granted she was probably just looking for *apples, but it was serendipitous nonetheless.

A furry nod of thanks to [ profile] mejeep for recommending the book Giving Voice To Bear (David Rockwell, 1991).

*a fawn just went through while I was finishing this post!
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I have always been intrigued with 'glow in the dark' objects. As a child we had a plastic Reddy Kilowatt figure with light purple phosphorescent hands (similar to this one). I had one of those hands for years after Reddy was tossed out. And I had (still have) a Mattel ThingMaker for which they finally made glowing Plastigoop! I'll write about that some year... Oh, and my wrist watches with glowing hands. Well, that's some background.

I think the most fascinating of glowing objects, though, were the bioluminescent ones (I mentioned that in my fireflies post). A book given me by my grandmother, Voices in the Meadow, had a scene where the main characters sought out a rotting stump that glowed at night:


That passage primed my imagination, and from that point on I was determined to see this phenomenon for myself, thinking how cool it must be to find such an object in the woods at night...

And 51 years on I finally did! I wish I could say I saw a huge glowing stump, a dark mound surrounded by a greenish aura, but that didn't happen, nor matter to me. What I found I first attributed to glow worms (we have those wondrous things as well, in pulsating patches, here and there in the dark woods). No, I was walking through the dogs' yard, 9:30 at night, out among the hickories and near to the clumps of Indian Pipes, when I saw a faint green glow by a log. I reached down to feel if it was indeed worms in moist soil, but found instead glowing chips of wood! Nearby I found more tendrils of green glowing from a rotting log.

Honestly, I'll admit I cried, mushy as it sounds. This was a wonderful gift among all the delights I had seen all week, all Summer for that matter. I was able to share my discovery with my youngest son and my daughter. I can't share it here because my 'real' camera only exposes for two seconds max and the light was too faint to register. This is the log in daylight, though. I'll give it another look tonight after this posts* (the second night I looked for the foxfire it was gone, at least the chips I could find didn't or no longer glowed: the other log had pin-pricks of light).


I have seen the light!

*hooray! There was at least one chip visible :o)
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Finally, a fawn! And it has its spots :o) Talk about protective coloration!


That is a cell phone shot, natch, at 4.0X, and not as clear as I'd wish; it's useable.

I'm so happy to see these fellows, and thank Faunus for allowing me to do so. I'm thrilled that they feel safe enough to hang around (there were two off in the woods yesterday). And my thoughts always drift to my deer friends on lj on such occasions!
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I've mentioned that I used to update my website's "Coltish Rambing" page every quarter to reflect the change in seasons... I haven't updated the site in a very long time now!

Happy Summer! (The page shown is in two parts, one over the other, due to capture limitations with - you can click the link for their Wayback 'full' copy, or each part to expand it and make it more readable :o)
Large capture, I think... )

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It's like Year of the Rabbit around here. We have at least two adults in the area, a mating pair, and their offspring. You see them all around the house, including the fenced-in dogs' back yard. I see other rabbits in other folks' yards while driving to work, and even by work (a young'un in front of the DPW and adults around the School Department and by St. Luke's Church).

Pics )

Needless to say, I'm well pleased :o)


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