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Last year we had ice dams form in the gutters along the rear bottom of the roof. Water seeped (sept?) in and followed the wiring/plumbing/heating paths down the walls down to the basement ceiling above my computer: *drip.drip.drip* In a panic I disconnected everything and moved the components away from danger... and there they sat until tonight.

I assembled my system in the front room and am waiting now for a painfully slow MS update check to complete (I figure it will tell me 150mb, give or take Oh, hey, 633mb). I may forego this check until tomorrow as I've already dozed off in the past half hour of waiting :D

I need this PC to do my taxes on. I also prefer it to the iPad for speed and muscle. I let it sit from discouragement with the mess in the cellar, and then the 'convenience' of tablet surfing. Silly me...
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48 hours offline at home- no tv, phone, or Internet! Thankfully it was an equipment failure, easily remedied, and took less than 15 minutes to get us back and running.

It was actually peaceful being offline in the evening and early mornings. I read a book (next post), watched some videos, including some Rescue Rangers episodes on DVD, and perused some old National Lampoons I had saved from a couple of years ago.

But I have some catch-up to do, now, then a book post.
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My internet, phone, and tv are dead. FiOS thinks they can restore service by 7:00 tomorrow evening (after the SuperBowl starts, and after the PuppyBowl ends). We had a lovely storm, heavy wet snow and branch-breaking wind, and lost power and services starting at 2:30 PM yesterday afternoon. Luckily we have power now (heat, water, and electricity were sorely missed). Heh, it was like a camp meal last night as we had Spaghetti-O's for dinner: the stove is gas and the burners will light with a match or striker.

But, I'm at work, and have to head back to Circ. Two pics until I can get back online from home again.



Both taken after the storm subsided.
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My house gutter(s)!

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Oh, the mundanity once again!

- I put a new ignitor in the gas stove: a simple four screw, one wing nut operation. I cleaned the soot out while I was in there as well. Dare I say I felt like Sylvia Plath down in there? Anyway, it was taking forever to light up. So far so good: faster start up for the fish dinner last night, and brownies this morning. Maybe I'll do a cinnamon coffee cake tomorrow :o)

- Saw the cutest fox kitsch at CVS today among Halloween clearance:

- I also saw this manly accessory kit while shopping at Wally World (Walmart):

*snicker* I do enjoy this scent- and it drives my bear plush wild ;o)

Ah, and I'm on vacation this week, which is why I can do these things during daylight! I've still got three weeks to use before New Years...


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