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A few illustrations I've been meaning to share, some since May.

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Our Library annual meeting on June 8 will feature guest author/illustrator Mary Jane Begin. Begin would be best known hereabouts for her extensive MLP work, including

I have no idea who suggested her for a speaker, considering the mostly snoozey adult authors we have hosted in the past, and I might even stay around to hear her speak instead of bailing as usual when the lights dim :D

Still, I wish they had gotten RW Alley (who, like Begin, also lives in Barrington, RI). Alley illustrates Paddington books as well as producing other delightful works

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Appropriately titled...

It's as sweet as the last one I brought home, and I suppose I should give the author, Daniel Pinkwater, credit for that ;o) The book even has a video 'trailer' online-

I've also found another bunny illustrator that I like: Katy Hudson. More later...
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Probably my favorite Thanksgiving book is One Terrific Thanksgiving, by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, and illustrated by Lilian Obligado.

It's not a particularly great story, but Lilian Obligado's illustrations never fail to please me. Her animals are an absolute delight to behold, with sweet expressions and wondrous detail. You can google up her accomplishments in an image search of her name. Of course I love her bunny books, but these bears (all her bears) just make me smile.

Expandable pics from One Terrific Thanksgiving, off the web
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