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Feb. 19th, 2017 02:58 pm
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After finishing taxes today I used my Paint Shop Pro program to browse the files I saved off of my dying portable drive. This was fitting as PSP was my first picture editing software (and a bootleg version it was, in 1997). I'm floored at the information that was on here: my first webpages from both (now defunct) and :o) So many pics! A lot of computer/mouse drawn and even more sketchy stuff. I'm so happy to see these again.

Like this one-

1997- Someone random in chat asked for a picture of a hug. Can't say if they liked this, but I did.

I had a happy half hour just browsing folders. The files range from 1996 to about 2011. I didn't read the text files but concentrated on the draws and other pictures: I'm a visual kind of fur ;o)

I remember drawing these rabbits during my "Franz Marc" period

I love Marc's use of colors and his mysticism and symbolism. I can't touch that, but at the time I was really into blues and yellows in my coloring and painting.

I used to draw randomly on whatever paper was available: I had it bad! I got the idea along the way to bind up pics in like groups, like this little book of deities-

I have to find that booklet again and look at what is included. I think my angus dei is in it along with my St. Luke draws, but maybe it's just some Babylonian stuff (like the water colored calf on the cover).

As I say to myself frequently, I need to get back into this again!

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It's here, at last! Now we'll see how long it takes me to break it.

Thanks and a tip of the bunny ears to [ profile] ungulata for bringing this to my attention.

A pic: No one at work even noticed the little wolfie I put on the board today so I finally had to explain Lupercalia. Not that it mattered...

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This time there was a rabbit out front! I was all set to take a photo of her in an iconic profile pose when my eldest decided to go out the front door. I was able to get three pics at least, before she bolted, with one being less fuzzy than the other two

I added a link (click the pic) to the full size picture but it isn't too clear that way.

This bunny has been in a scrap of some sort, judging by the damage to the facing ear. The other pics are here on my google photos site along with some pictures taken in June.
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...that glass being my front window!

We had two fawns about 30 feet from the front of the house this morning.
Three pics, work safe )

Lucky timing on my part! There was an adult in the side yard earlier but I didn't have my camera with me... not that it mattered: she jumped up and trotted off as soon as she saw me.
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I finally got to see one of the baby bunnies out and about: It comes out of a brush pile by the cars and nibbles grass at the edge of the driveway. I haven't seen more than one at a time so it may be the lone survivor of a litter. Here's the only shot I could manage tonight that wasn't blurry or dark (it's expandable)-

We had the mottled rabbit around all day yesterday, grazing by the house. The grass here must be greener than in the fields...
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The Huntress began her frenzied "rabbit rabbit rabbit!" barking and sure enough I saw one of my friends out front. It was the one with stripe-like markings, and with the bridge camera photos I see that some face fur may be missing as well. Regardless, the bunny was most cooperative and let me photograph it from the front steps while it nibbled in the meadow that is my front yard (I can't mow its food supply, now, can I?).

There are a few more pictures, here.

Good Form

Nov. 13th, 2015 02:15 pm
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In spring and fall, rabbits use a grass or weed shelter called a "form." The form is a nestlike cavity on the surface of the ground, usually made in dense cover. It gives the rabbit some protection from weather, but is largely used for concealment.*

Veterans Day was rainy and dreary here. As I walked with The Huntress out back I wondered where the deer and bunnies were hunkering down in the wet chill. Musing, I surveyed the brush and I realized there could be animals looking back and I probably couldn't see them with their protective coloration and natural shrewdness... And there I saw a lone rabbit watching me!

This critter was near to the dog's fence, about ten feet from the dog! The Huntress sensed it (that actually gave me the clue to look carefully into the woods) but she didn't see what I did. I watched the bunny for a bit, its fur all damp as it hunched in its form, and decided I shouldn't bother it or I might frighten it off. This was the first time I've ever seen a rabbit in its form, other than the babies the dog dug out.

I've returned to the spot several times over the past couple of days and the rabbit is still 'at home.' Being crepuscular she probably leaves around dusk, but I see her back later in the morning.

I've wanted to get her picture and I finally got a shot of her today! I also included a shot of my auto-focus nightmare due to all the branches.



*The best 'form' description I could find in a hurry: from
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We've had lots of mushrooms growing in the yard this year, and other assorted molds and slimes, possibly due to a very wet Winter and an abundance of humid days this Spring and Summer. We also have the subject plants popping through the leaf litter in the Hickory stands out back, plants I usually associate with early Autumn. I always considered these to be a form of fungus, but the internet tells me they belong to the plant kingdom. They are also parasitic Myco-heterotrophs... I somewhat understand the information in the wiki articles and won't regurgitate it here ;o)

I just love their local name and how they look in the wild!

Pics... )
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Finally, a fawn! And it has its spots :o) Talk about protective coloration!


That is a cell phone shot, natch, at 4.0X, and not as clear as I'd wish; it's useable.

I'm so happy to see these fellows, and thank Faunus for allowing me to do so. I'm thrilled that they feel safe enough to hang around (there were two off in the woods yesterday). And my thoughts always drift to my deer friends on lj on such occasions!
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...or Visitors!

I was having coffee in the front room this morning and just happened to look up in time to see a deer out front watching the house. I was able to grab my camera phone without spooking him or his friend off, and got a couple of shots under the cut. )

The Huntress slept through this, but saw them out back a little later and, growling, charged them at the fence. She doesn't bark at them outside, only when she's in the house. These two have been in the area now for a while. One still had dappling in his fur.

Oh, Clint!
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Gotta love technology, and my confusion with it. I took pics with the iPad, put them into Dropbox, and uploaded them to an LJ post.  The post looked fine and my links worked perfectly while on the iPad, but for whatever reason these pics have a tendency to appear upside down on a pc.  When I saved the pic off of my post to a computer at work, with the intention of flipping it over, and I viewed it with IrfanView, the picture is correctly positioned. To make things more confusing, the little pic on the desktop (the thumbnail) is upside down.

I saved the pic from InfranView, and it still shows upside down on the desktop thumbnail, but I see it here in LJ as correct.

Also, the video I linked from Flickr didn't play on my pc, but that could be scriptblocking and who knows what because trying it again here at work it plays just fine.

Anyway, this was the post, including my upside down pic...

A small video of deer in the front yard this morning. The video is on Flickr and linked below.

I tried a Dropbox upload of the video but it failed: the photo uploaded without a problem. This takes a bit to load from the iPad, and requires multiple taps to run from Flickr, but it works.  This was all done using the tablet, including the video: primitive but effective. I'm posting this and heading to the PC now to see how it looks.

Note: Newly installed IOS 7 has been a drag on the iPad: everything runs slower even though I have over 4GB memory open. I suspect 7.1 won't be far off.

Also- There's a lot of school traffic in the background of the video.


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