Nov. 30th, 2015 11:51 am
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Tired of these rants yet?

Looks like lj has adopted the Facebook/Twitter models, now by invading timelines with 'promoted' content. How pathetic is it that these accounts pay to boost their popularity by posting, not just advertising, among your 'friends.'

Bunch of db's... *grumble grumble*
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I'm getting this banner when I sign on both of my accounts here:

(Click to expand)

Reading the "open tickets" in lj support this is not isolated to my account. I finally caved and just changed from my hotmail to my gmail account (hotmail considers lj 'spam' *snerk* no more need be said...) otherwise I couldn't post anywhere.

Stuff... the rabbit hasn't returned today to her form out back. Perhaps she's shacking up with some buck? Speaking of bucks, two deer circled the house yesterday, a doe along with a young buck with antler nubs. A flock of turkeys went through the yard as well: but we already have our Butterball frozen turkey blocks purchased :D

And speaking of turkeys, Trump is due in the area for a bit of stumping and Bill Clinton will be in town 12/7 for his contribution to global warming.

Today looks like rain (tut-tut).
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I already hate this. My iPad is choking, particularly in lj, making internet time anything but entertaining (unless poor loading, slow scrolling, locked up pages entertain you). I may be forced to find alternate ways to view posts (like the lj phone ap which automatically cuts down lengthy entries with manageable previews). I've tried a couple of online hints which helped just a smidge, and will seek out more if things don't improve (like an update 9.1 which can't be far off...).

*snicker* I'm reminded of my 386 in its twilight, when I would configure memory usage (hi-Mem and whatnot), and also I could shut off photo loading in Netscape in order to speed up pages.

This just blows. I can't afford a new tablet just to take advantage of an 'improved' os. And it's not just lj- other sites can be just as frustrating!


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