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Jan. 25th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Finally got to watch

It was a fun little flick- I can't say for sure if there was any moral or deeper meaning to it, but the storyline was original, the characters well developed, the movie well animated, and at times an emotional roll coaster.

These guys were great-

as was the whole wolf pack! Such things they could do :D I really enjoyed this one.

I also watched The Magnificent 7 (the new one)

It's worth a watch as great shoot-em-up Western- other than the lead guy wearing a black hat, there being seven gunmen, and a town to be taught to save itself, this movie has little in common with the Yul Brynner classic ;o)

My only jaded remark for both movies would be "Yeah, if only..."

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From a friend's Twitter post, a fascinating little story in the Hoppington Post. I'm not a major fan of Watership Down (though it is about rabbits, eh?), but the article gives insight about Adams' motivation and I enjoyed that aspect.

I also found the mention of this book, Shardik, interesting: published first in 1974, I never heard of it before the interview, but it sounds like a 'must read' and I've ordered one through the library.

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It's all well and good to think it funny that a couple of inches of snow can be so devastating to a city like Atlanta, but one might want to consider the physics and events involved. Compressing snow on freezing pavement gives you ice. Cars stuck on icy pavement block snow/ice treating vehicles. Everyone exiting work and school simultaneously onto icy pavement... well, you get the picture. Yes, add too this the inexperience of piloting one's vehicle in unfamiliar conditions. Disaster.

In our infamous Blizzard of '78 the same deal happened in Rhode Island, only in lots deeper snow: everyone let out of work and school at the same time and the roads became clogged and impassable to the clean-up crews. Of course, cars were buried in snow during this, not just idling on ice. The traffic was blocked-up for days for tens and tens of miles.

I always tell the family to watch the intersections because that is where the ice forms from slipping or stopped, idling cars. Also, I try to remember the warning "Bridges Freeze First" due to their being suspended in frigid air.

I would have had insufferable anxiety were I stuck in that mess.
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I finally watched Disney's The Lone Ranger last night: in short, I side with the critics who didn't rag on it and found it to be amusing and entertaining. Remember, though, I also enjoyed John Carter :o)
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 Well, no, not really... I have a new browser app (AdBlockWeb) that eliminates advertising, but double posts my replies, and probably entries. I try to catch these duplicates and eliminate them, but I found one this morning that 'got away.' 

This browser is strictly for journals/forums: I can imagine my financial woes if I used it for shopping or paying bills! But then, I'd have twice the plush arriving ;o)
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I never followed Walt Kelly's Pogo comic when the local papers ran it, but tonight I came across this copy online:

I don't like hot links, per se, but this picture links to original "Whirled of Kelly" site. LJ and the iPad don't communicate well on pics, so I hope this comes through. I have to admit FB's big advantage over LJ, at least for my free account, is the ease of posting pics.

Also, has anyone else been getting spammy ads randomly appearing on their screens (whole screen ads) when viewing journals? These aren't porn but look like legit ads being pushed by LJ. It might be a bug in IOS 7.0.2: I have pop-ups 'off' and these only just jump out when on LJ.
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In brief:

- We survived with little more than some branches and a small tree falling.

- Our power only went off once, tonight, for 1.25 hours. There are still thousands without power in the State, so I'm not complaining.

- Verizon FiOS internet speeds are abysmal following the storm, I assume due to all the outages and downed wires. My new 50/25 service is running at around .8/8 tonight.
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My inbox is due for a 'response injection' from LJ postings, considering nothing has come through for two or three days. I've tried to re-visit posts to look for comments and have replied as appropriate, but may have missed some in my scatter-gun response style... 


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