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Jan. 25th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Finally got to watch

It was a fun little flick- I can't say for sure if there was any moral or deeper meaning to it, but the storyline was original, the characters well developed, the movie well animated, and at times an emotional roll coaster.

These guys were great-

as was the whole wolf pack! Such things they could do :D I really enjoyed this one.

I also watched The Magnificent 7 (the new one)

It's worth a watch as great shoot-em-up Western- other than the lead guy wearing a black hat, there being seven gunmen, and a town to be taught to save itself, this movie has little in common with the Yul Brynner classic ;o)

My only jaded remark for both movies would be "Yeah, if only..."

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This was a fun little movie, and gets my "Most misleading title and trailer of 2016, until I find something more so" award!

Trailer aside, it's still a fun little movie in its own right, and the animation is spectacular. I'll watch it again.

And a totally unrelated pic from google as a laptop/insert test... edit: I wondered where my added picture went overnight and re-added it this morning, removing a mess of gibberish code from where the picture had been. Bizarre. I did a re-edit a little while ago, and damned if DW didn't scramble the code once again! I guess I shouldn't edit these in the future if I want my pics to remain. This entry was originally posted at


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