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A few illustrations I've been meaning to share, some since May.

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My house gutter(s)!

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Oh, the mundanity once again!

- I put a new ignitor in the gas stove: a simple four screw, one wing nut operation. I cleaned the soot out while I was in there as well. Dare I say I felt like Sylvia Plath down in there? Anyway, it was taking forever to light up. So far so good: faster start up for the fish dinner last night, and brownies this morning. Maybe I'll do a cinnamon coffee cake tomorrow :o)

- Saw the cutest fox kitsch at CVS today among Halloween clearance:

- I also saw this manly accessory kit while shopping at Wally World (Walmart):

*snicker* I do enjoy this scent- and it drives my bear plush wild ;o)

Ah, and I'm on vacation this week, which is why I can do these things during daylight! I've still got three weeks to use before New Years...
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I've got the weekend off from work, all three days! I don't intend to do very much, but it's nice not to deal with the public for a bit. I did some errands today, and even topped my tank in case things go wacky with O-bomb-a's nervous trigger finger.

plumI bought some Kahlua and some Bud at the local package store, a place I rarely step foot in. When did Kahlua decide to add 'rum' to their label? Apparently it was always made with 'rum' (sugar-cane spirits or some such language): this smacks of the re-packaging names game, like dried plums aren't really prunes... Rum is certainly more appealing than ~coffee liqueur~. Can you imagine Jack Sparrow sousing down a bottle of aperitif?


And I went swimming today, somewhat. I walked around the shallow end at least. It's been cold at night so the water temp is pretty chilly.

The rest of my day was spent either napping with the pooch or getting aggravated with freeware designed for making animated gifs. One of the conversion programs I downloaded (Any Video Converter)  was full of what I term malware, but it at least was honest enough to ask if I wanted to change my browser to some stupid AVG homepage and search screen. Another program I was downloading made me suspicious and when I checked the web I found it was not so upfront with changing your programs around: a lot of folks ragged on softpedia for their 'extras' included in downloads.

The results of my software hunt: I ended up using XnView to grab frames and then paste them one by one into my ancient JASC Animation Shop 1.0  until I gave up. There were 157 frames, and I just got bored after a dozen or so. This was the best I could do, I'm sorry to say: I miss my Pentium 1 with its capture card and primitive software that did these little animations so well.

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That said, Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate it!



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