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I was walking out back with the pup, musing over where life has taken me, when suddenly The Huntress rushes the back fence. She's silent other than a low growl and the papery hiss of disturbed leaf litter. It was dusky dawn, and through the grey shadows I could see a white form, bobbing, climbing, like a hare scaling the wire but zig-zagging, soundlessly. I'm mesmerized, the dog is frantic, and I realize that it's not a white rabbit or some other shimmering critter I'm seeing but a flagging deer! Off she bounds without a twig or branch to be heard beneath her deft hooves, while the dog ends her own run with a snort as she skids, turns, and trots off to check out the rest of her yard.

Back inside the house the dog now starts whining and pawing the front window, and as I walk over she starts her bark-bark-barking at this dark shape against the dark lawn under the apple tree- a bunny this time, grazing without concern for the racket inside the house. I had to shoo him away before the dog would stop her commotion.

A nice and peaceful Sunday morning :D

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or, "Did you ever chase chickens?"

Yesterday I tossed a bushel of crab apples over the back dog fence and into deer territory. Our apple tree was literally splitting branches due to the weight of the fruit, and I'd rather see it go to my hooved friends than rot somewhere. So after some careful pruning (hack-hack) I took all the trimmings out to the edge of the woods, and put all the drops from the truck bed over the fence.

Today, while with The Huntress, I chanced upon maybe seven deer dining on the apples. She suddenly notices this pack of giant brown dogs and I laughed and told her "Not so brave when there's a herd," and then she bolted at them: poor things, did they ever scatter! They fanned out in a semi-circle, tails up, leaping and zig-zagging in bounds, and then stopped just inside a wall of shrubbery. She ran the fence, silently, and while they visibly watched from the woods she turned and never gave them another thought.

Brave Huntress! Maybe she just thought it was funny.

An older photo- "On Patrol"

The quote, of course, is from Lady and the Tramp.
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...or Visitors!

I was having coffee in the front room this morning and just happened to look up in time to see a deer out front watching the house. I was able to grab my camera phone without spooking him or his friend off, and got a couple of shots under the cut. )

The Huntress slept through this, but saw them out back a little later and, growling, charged them at the fence. She doesn't bark at them outside, only when she's in the house. These two have been in the area now for a while. One still had dappling in his fur.

Oh, Clint!


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