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Thanks and a tip of the bunny ears to [ profile] porsupah for a mention and discussion of Cats Don't Dance in a post. It had been ages since I watched this flick, and as I only had the VHS I bought it on DVD for 'five and change' from Amazon. Saw it tonight and realized how much of it I'd forgotten and just how wonderful it was. Danny is a sweetheart, and Sawyer just knocks me off my feet! Heh, I only cried a couple of times...

The DVD format was excellent- clear and bright, and outstandingly colorful! I let it run through the credits and sighed at the list of voices used. And the animators and support staff looked to be all on-shore and not farmed out to Asian studios (the names were pronounceable).

One surprise among the animators-

(Picture taken from the 'net)

It was great to see this again!
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I got to watch Arrival last night and although it was hard to follow with surety at times (those who have seen it will understand) I liked its approach to extraterrestrial visits as well as how it developed and progressed. A few cliches here, a few new twists there...

Last week I started the new Pete's Dragon. Very Disney in its approach to families... wuss that I am, I started crying about two minutes in and finally shut it down after about half an hour. No Mickey Rooney here for comic relief.

Today the Library showed Trolls for a vacation week flick (kids are out of school). I have no interest in this film: I don't like the characters' looks whatsoever (I never liked those damned little Troll dolls/toys as a kid, either). However, I decided to do a pic for the board regardless, using googled pic for reference (I just realized now I forgot the eyelashes)

I was limited to three or four colors of makers so I couldn't get the blues in this. I'm not displeased with proportions even though these are freehand and not circle/line type sketch to drawings. But I still don't like the movie's animation look ;o)

Did I mention the new Ben Hur previously? It didn't appeal to me so probably not. Morgan Freeman's narration reminded me too much of Shawshank where he commented on Andy and the Sisters :D

Movie time

Jan. 25th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Finally got to watch

It was a fun little flick- I can't say for sure if there was any moral or deeper meaning to it, but the storyline was original, the characters well developed, the movie well animated, and at times an emotional roll coaster.

These guys were great-

as was the whole wolf pack! Such things they could do :D I really enjoyed this one.

I also watched The Magnificent 7 (the new one)

It's worth a watch as great shoot-em-up Western- other than the lead guy wearing a black hat, there being seven gunmen, and a town to be taught to save itself, this movie has little in common with the Yul Brynner classic ;o)

My only jaded remark for both movies would be "Yeah, if only..."

(all pics expand)
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This was a fun little movie, and gets my "Most misleading title and trailer of 2016, until I find something more so" award!

Trailer aside, it's still a fun little movie in its own right, and the animation is spectacular. I'll watch it again.

And a totally unrelated pic from google as a laptop/insert test... edit: I wondered where my added picture went overnight and re-added it this morning, removing a mess of gibberish code from where the picture had been. Bizarre. I did a re-edit a little while ago, and damned if DW didn't scramble the code once again! I guess I shouldn't edit these in the future if I want my pics to remain. This entry was originally posted at
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Have I mentioned how much I hate sequels? Probably not, because not all sequels are terrible. Alice Through The Looking Glass was pretty good, actually, though I don't really consider it a sequel more than just another story about Alice's adventures.

Another misleading trailer! ;o)

We also watched this over the holiday. Very enjoyable. My favorite characters were

surprise? )
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We watched April and the Extraordinary World last night. The most I will say, other than we really enjoyed it, was that it was a bit of a head trip.

The usual misleading trailer-

Pictures will definitely follow when I get a library DVD to copy from: I can't capture from the Blu-ray I borrowed. There's plenty of (spoilers) information about the movie online, like here at RottenTomatoes, but few screen grabs that I would share.


Apr. 3rd, 2016 09:24 am
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Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote


Actually, the NWS did predict this :o)

I watched this movie this morning-

Entertaining. Very Disney "kid's movie." Lucious Pixar animation... look at this background!

It was nothing I imagined based on the few trailers I had seen, but then again, few movies are. Check it out at your local library (I snagged mine from work: it was in processing and wasn't going anywhere until Monday).

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My favorite scene from one of the many Christmas Carol adaptations-
(Albert Finney's childhood reminiscence in Scrooge, 1970)

Go figure! ;o)

I have a black fur bunny chaperone similar to that, which I made in 1997.

Would these represent mummers?

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Bears: A Disney film release planned for Earth Day - I'll have to wait for the home release.

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I finally watched Disney's The Lone Ranger last night: in short, I side with the critics who didn't rag on it and found it to be amusing and entertaining. Remember, though, I also enjoyed John Carter :o)
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I was surprised to see an "Equestria Girls" DVD come across the check-in desk at work today: I hadn't seen it and didn't know it was already on disc. I checked its status, and as it was available I checked it out and brought it home.

This movie is old news to most Bronies, so I'll keep this post simple-

Possible spoiler )

I liked it well enough.
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Robin Hood has been re- (re- re- re-...) released on blu-ray in honor of its 40th anniversary!

A new fox is being developed at Disney for a movie release in 2016. I actually saw this on r/furry via a tumblr post, but the press release is online. This is IGN's article link.



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