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Today we had a red fox trotting through the woods out back. It has been quite a while since we saw any foxes hereabouts. There were tracks outside the dog's fence the day before, and The Huntress was quite anxious both yesterday and today when out with me, sniffing the air and listening intently. The tracks led from one of the rabbit thickets to the other's. And funny that this critter appeared so close to the raccoon's arrival as both species are rabies vectors and have had their populations decimated in recent years. This fox looked quite well, fortunately.

And deer! Too bad the camera malfunctioned yesterday as they were gallivanting and gamboling about in the wild winds and cold temps right out next to the driveway. Today I got a shot or two when they crossed the back yard, but these pictures were not so good as the deer were on the move and many trees separated us.

Best I could do. The other shot that came out was basically a butt/flank ;o)

We are due for a large storm Tuesday, so I made sure the snowblower had fuel and the cables were adjusted. Our storm Friday left only a few inches of snow but I used the blower anyway just because it had been almost a month since the last storm. I had gravel shooting 30' because although we had accumulation the driveway was still not frozen after all those 50 degree days.

The calm before the storm.

I had to shop today because tomorrow will be panic at the stores as folks remember they only have limited foods packed away for the 'event.' I also topped off the gasoline in the truck because it adds more weight for traction ;o) We now have our recommended 4+ gallons of milk, four loaves of assorted breads plus English muffins, two dozen eggs, lots of coffee (and Kahlúa, just in case). But this is normal for us anyway.

To hell with French toast!

And in a very loosely related note- Google photo picture search gives a kind of Sesame Street array of results here:

One of these things is not like the other... presented with no more comment :D

Who is Blur anyway? I was actually thinking of this song when I rhymed the subject ;o)

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Snow tomorrow! Every town in Rhode Island has a parking ban in effect ahead of the expected 3-6" expected accumulation. A couple of private schools have posted closings but no public ones as of yet.

Vacation next week :o) The burner tech will be here at the house cleaning the furnace Monday so I decided I deserved the whole week off from work. No plans other than little stuff around the house and yard. I have a stack of Nicholas Oldland illustrated books to go though as well as a couple of random picks that came across the desk. I might also watch the Blu-ray of Summer Wars that I picked up.

A visit from the DEM- I had to call the Environmental Management folks to dispatch an extremely disoriented raccoon on my property that was struggling to stand and walk. It kept falling over and flopping about; it was so very sad to have to do this. I figured it had rabies and I was in fear of other critters having contact with it. After the officer shot it and brought it out to his truck we looked it over and it really didn't look to be unkempt or sickly. I hope it hadn't been poisoned by a neighbor. I even worried that my rusty old truck which it was near might be leaking antifreeze and that the poor thing got into that, but I looked today and there is no evidence of any of that under the engine.

A gift from the Wolfling on Monday, just because-

I haven't written that he has moved out of the house and into rented duplex with four friends. It has been hard to get my head around this as we would still watch shows a few times a week (nice that one's 20 year old still had time for dad) and of course talk about furry stuff and whatnot. Not quite empty nest but this leaves a major hole in my heart nonetheless. I think of all the things we did over the years and like the subtle line in Storks "...blink of an eye." I'll lament over this in a post sometime when I'm feeling more sorry for myself.

I wrote about (fawned over) this bear in my other journal-

I've since asked Gund if they could clarify the size of this guy, whether he is measured seated or standing. I did this on both their website and in their Twitter feed. My only observation here: Don't offer customer service online if you can't follow through. In other words, they never got back to me.

I have loaded a trial version of Faronics Deep Freeze onto my home computer. We use this program at work and I wanted to see how it managed here at the house. I was contacted by Faronics shortly after asking if I liked it and if I had questions. Did I mention my feelings about online customer service ;o) Right, no feedback to my feedback... I like the program except that it lacks the controls the full blown Enterprise version gives you (the difference is about $600 more for that version, of course). Still, I may spring the $45 for this one depending on licensing expiry and whatnot.

Not much else. One of the work computers had a scareware Zeus Trojan alert when I got there this morning. I think the patron was afraid to turn the machine off (the scareware said not to, of course) and there was this blinky "call our toll free number immediately" notice going on. I rebooted and just for safety did a scan. The reboot cleared the garbage out because that's what Deep Freeze does.

A thought for the day

Yes, I sent this to my Wolfling, because yes, he smokes :o)

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Apr. 3rd, 2016 09:24 am
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Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote


Actually, the NWS did predict this :o)

I watched this movie this morning-

Entertaining. Very Disney "kid's movie." Lucious Pixar animation... look at this background!

It was nothing I imagined based on the few trailers I had seen, but then again, few movies are. Check it out at your local library (I snagged mine from work: it was in processing and wasn't going anywhere until Monday).

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My internet, phone, and tv are dead. FiOS thinks they can restore service by 7:00 tomorrow evening (after the SuperBowl starts, and after the PuppyBowl ends). We had a lovely storm, heavy wet snow and branch-breaking wind, and lost power and services starting at 2:30 PM yesterday afternoon. Luckily we have power now (heat, water, and electricity were sorely missed). Heh, it was like a camp meal last night as we had Spaghetti-O's for dinner: the stove is gas and the burners will light with a match or striker.

But, I'm at work, and have to head back to Circ. Two pics until I can get back online from home again.



Both taken after the storm subsided.
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The bunny reappeared in her form this morning after going missing all day Thursday. Surprisingly she preened a hind foot while I watched, even though she knew I was about. She was settling in a bit the second time I came 'round, and blissfully ignored me even then: she's grown used to me perhaps :o)

I tossed some grapes over the fence further up from her home but on a route she uses to traverse the yard there. Maybe she'll eat them before the birds get them.

I'm glad she's back, too. We had hellacious rains Thursday into Friday morning (enough to take a downspout off the back of the house) and I worried about her safety.

Other news-

- no Leonids seen this year, even on the clear nights, but I did see a Taurid

- we've had a small flock of robins visiting the birdbath these past few days (they probably miss the puddles in the driveway)

- odd story on the skull of the inspiration for Winnie The Pooh...


Good Form

Nov. 13th, 2015 02:15 pm
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In spring and fall, rabbits use a grass or weed shelter called a "form." The form is a nestlike cavity on the surface of the ground, usually made in dense cover. It gives the rabbit some protection from weather, but is largely used for concealment.*

Veterans Day was rainy and dreary here. As I walked with The Huntress out back I wondered where the deer and bunnies were hunkering down in the wet chill. Musing, I surveyed the brush and I realized there could be animals looking back and I probably couldn't see them with their protective coloration and natural shrewdness... And there I saw a lone rabbit watching me!

This critter was near to the dog's fence, about ten feet from the dog! The Huntress sensed it (that actually gave me the clue to look carefully into the woods) but she didn't see what I did. I watched the bunny for a bit, its fur all damp as it hunched in its form, and decided I shouldn't bother it or I might frighten it off. This was the first time I've ever seen a rabbit in its form, other than the babies the dog dug out.

I've returned to the spot several times over the past couple of days and the rabbit is still 'at home.' Being crepuscular she probably leaves around dusk, but I see her back later in the morning.

I've wanted to get her picture and I finally got a shot of her today! I also included a shot of my auto-focus nightmare due to all the branches.



*The best 'form' description I could find in a hurry: from
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It's all well and good to think it funny that a couple of inches of snow can be so devastating to a city like Atlanta, but one might want to consider the physics and events involved. Compressing snow on freezing pavement gives you ice. Cars stuck on icy pavement block snow/ice treating vehicles. Everyone exiting work and school simultaneously onto icy pavement... well, you get the picture. Yes, add too this the inexperience of piloting one's vehicle in unfamiliar conditions. Disaster.

In our infamous Blizzard of '78 the same deal happened in Rhode Island, only in lots deeper snow: everyone let out of work and school at the same time and the roads became clogged and impassable to the clean-up crews. Of course, cars were buried in snow during this, not just idling on ice. The traffic was blocked-up for days for tens and tens of miles.

I always tell the family to watch the intersections because that is where the ice forms from slipping or stopped, idling cars. Also, I try to remember the warning "Bridges Freeze First" due to their being suspended in frigid air.

I would have had insufferable anxiety were I stuck in that mess.


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