Nov. 30th, 2015 11:51 am
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Tired of these rants yet?

Looks like lj has adopted the Facebook/Twitter models, now by invading timelines with 'promoted' content. How pathetic is it that these accounts pay to boost their popularity by posting, not just advertising, among your 'friends.'

Bunch of db's... *grumble grumble*

Ho Ho Ho!

Oct. 25th, 2015 07:59 pm
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So apparently lj's ad-bots believe me to be in need of "company" (aka a prostitute)? I'm innocent, I tells ya... something much nastier would be there if they'd really been paying attention!

Expands with a click...
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I submitted a request to the LJ group for some help or information with the pop up ads which appear when I sign on to my friends page using the iPad. I've only see this garbage in LJ since the recent ios updates. Vdopia is the ad company and at least it's not pr0n, but it is truly annoying and might be the final act that drives me off this site.


Even previewing this post triggered an ad.

Note: not seeing this trouble at all on the pc. Mozilla has scripts blocked, but IE does not.

LJ access

Jan. 2nd, 2013 04:11 pm
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 Or not.

I haven't been able to access LiveJournal properly for a few days due to timing out, 'varnish errors,' and general bogging down. This has clinched, or cinched, my decision not to renew my paid account there: I couldn't renew if I wanted to because nothing will load!

I should have pulled up stakes long ago, but that I had more people in my friends list there. I'm going back to trying to maintain both sites, but with more emphasis on DreamWidth. If ever I can get back on LJ I'll try to sort this all out.

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I'm starting to get renewal hints from LJ for my paid account, but am not sure if I want to pay for a service that has been as buggy as it has been for me lately. Pages load slowly, if at all, and sometimes I just can't connect without several resends. I've checked my internet connection and Speakeasy reports fast upload/download speeds even during LJ's problem times. I don't have problems with other sites like I do with LiveJournal. The only benefits I think I'm getting with a paid account are more user pics and an advertisement-free screen. I know it's relatively inexpensive to have a paid account, but I wish the site 'worked' better.


*sigh* if my credit card numbers were still loaded into my account I'd just let it renew automatically. Since changing my numbers early this year, though, I'll have to make a decision.


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