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2020-06-04 06:08 pm
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confusion confusion

If you're looking for [ profile] mondhasen  from LJ, you have to go to [personal profile] moonhare  on DW!

Although I've imported my journal to here though March/April, I  will not be keeping it up to date:  I just wanted to keep the entries somewhere if LJ tanks.

Thanks so much ;o)
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2017-04-06 01:50 pm
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TOS violation?

So with all the complaints and concerns over the new TOS, will this photo, from this article,, raise any... red flags?

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2017-03-18 07:35 pm
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More yard critters

Deer! The Huntress spooked them away from outside the back corner of her yard only to have them reappear an hour later over by the old truck.

tippity-hoof, tippity-hoof

Ooooh, for me?

There were two that munched the apples I'd thrown for the rabbit, and more pictures can be seen here on my google site:

The pics aren't great (lighting, focus), but I view these as the equivalent of Polaroids or Instamatic pics anyway. And the deer were constantly moving about: such inconsideration! The smallest one would zoom through the yard, jumping fallen trees and ducking low branches, all-out having fun, while the adults grouped together cautiously and watched all around constantly. In the end, the young'n was all out of breath and panting and just enjoying the thrill of living.

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2017-03-18 03:53 pm
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Violet's... back??

I'm in the dog yard with The Huntress this morning, and by golly there is the side-yard rabbit in her favorite corner munching wild rose stems and hips like every other day. She stops when I spot her and just stands still waiting for the dog to start the chase. Bunny does her circle around the trees and bushes and easily outdistances the pup, running past me and out through the fence. Fantastic! I was so worried she was the one on the menu previously.

A couple of hours later I realize there is the driveway rabbit by the truck again, lazily eating apples I had tossed there, and totally ignoring the pup and myself in his dining.

Note: I do not believe this is same as the side-yard rabbit because he usually stays by the driveway near the truck (hence I sometimes call him driveway bunny) while the other is always on the other side of the dog yard near my shed and the woods there.

Regardless, he is alive as well! I don't know where the fox found the other bunny but there have been three here on occasion at mating times.

Another note: I call them by their respective pronouns because of where I usually find the kittens nesting.

So happy! I even got some pictures of a very cooperative driveway bunny.

Driveway bunny? I haven't heard that name in years...

A couple of more pics here on my google site:

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2017-03-17 08:40 am
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Violet's gone

The wayward fox has taken one of the rabbits. I saw this, the silhouetted form of the fox emerging from behind some trees with something rabbit-looking hanging from its mouth. Moments earlier we were watching the fox cross among the shrubs and shadows, and it stopped to rummage in some bushes... I went out to the area later on and there were definite signs of a struggle in the snow. So it goes.

original sketch/blog here )

I do not want to appear callous, I just have to remind myself that this is the way of the world. There had been a rabbit in the fenced part of the yard earlier in the morning and the dog didn't see it right away. I watched it for a bit, standing stock still as The Huntress sniffed about, and then the chase was on. I wonder if this was the same little bunny :o(

*sigh* I even made some bad jokes later, that either the fox would appear dragging a deer next, or vice versa. And then came a trio of hawks, gliding above, and while thinking "Ride of the Valkyries" I imagined them hauling off one of the deer as well.

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2017-03-15 08:41 am
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2017-03-12 07:13 pm
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Sunday Sunday

Today we had a red fox trotting through the woods out back. It has been quite a while since we saw any foxes hereabouts. There were tracks outside the dog's fence the day before, and The Huntress was quite anxious both yesterday and today when out with me, sniffing the air and listening intently. The tracks led from one of the rabbit thickets to the other's. And funny that this critter appeared so close to the raccoon's arrival as both species are rabies vectors and have had their populations decimated in recent years. This fox looked quite well, fortunately.

And deer! Too bad the camera malfunctioned yesterday as they were gallivanting and gamboling about in the wild winds and cold temps right out next to the driveway. Today I got a shot or two when they crossed the back yard, but these pictures were not so good as the deer were on the move and many trees separated us.

Best I could do. The other shot that came out was basically a butt/flank ;o)

We are due for a large storm Tuesday, so I made sure the snowblower had fuel and the cables were adjusted. Our storm Friday left only a few inches of snow but I used the blower anyway just because it had been almost a month since the last storm. I had gravel shooting 30' because although we had accumulation the driveway was still not frozen after all those 50 degree days.

The calm before the storm.

I had to shop today because tomorrow will be panic at the stores as folks remember they only have limited foods packed away for the 'event.' I also topped off the gasoline in the truck because it adds more weight for traction ;o) We now have our recommended 4+ gallons of milk, four loaves of assorted breads plus English muffins, two dozen eggs, lots of coffee (and Kahlúa, just in case). But this is normal for us anyway.

To hell with French toast!

And in a very loosely related note- Google photo picture search gives a kind of Sesame Street array of results here:

One of these things is not like the other... presented with no more comment :D

Who is Blur anyway? I was actually thinking of this song when I rhymed the subject ;o)

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2017-03-09 07:53 pm
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bits and pieces

Snow tomorrow! Every town in Rhode Island has a parking ban in effect ahead of the expected 3-6" expected accumulation. A couple of private schools have posted closings but no public ones as of yet.

Vacation next week :o) The burner tech will be here at the house cleaning the furnace Monday so I decided I deserved the whole week off from work. No plans other than little stuff around the house and yard. I have a stack of Nicholas Oldland illustrated books to go though as well as a couple of random picks that came across the desk. I might also watch the Blu-ray of Summer Wars that I picked up.

A visit from the DEM- I had to call the Environmental Management folks to dispatch an extremely disoriented raccoon on my property that was struggling to stand and walk. It kept falling over and flopping about; it was so very sad to have to do this. I figured it had rabies and I was in fear of other critters having contact with it. After the officer shot it and brought it out to his truck we looked it over and it really didn't look to be unkempt or sickly. I hope it hadn't been poisoned by a neighbor. I even worried that my rusty old truck which it was near might be leaking antifreeze and that the poor thing got into that, but I looked today and there is no evidence of any of that under the engine.

A gift from the Wolfling on Monday, just because-

I haven't written that he has moved out of the house and into rented duplex with four friends. It has been hard to get my head around this as we would still watch shows a few times a week (nice that one's 20 year old still had time for dad) and of course talk about furry stuff and whatnot. Not quite empty nest but this leaves a major hole in my heart nonetheless. I think of all the things we did over the years and like the subtle line in Storks "...blink of an eye." I'll lament over this in a post sometime when I'm feeling more sorry for myself.

I wrote about (fawned over) this bear in my other journal-

I've since asked Gund if they could clarify the size of this guy, whether he is measured seated or standing. I did this on both their website and in their Twitter feed. My only observation here: Don't offer customer service online if you can't follow through. In other words, they never got back to me.

I have loaded a trial version of Faronics Deep Freeze onto my home computer. We use this program at work and I wanted to see how it managed here at the house. I was contacted by Faronics shortly after asking if I liked it and if I had questions. Did I mention my feelings about online customer service ;o) Right, no feedback to my feedback... I like the program except that it lacks the controls the full blown Enterprise version gives you (the difference is about $600 more for that version, of course). Still, I may spring the $45 for this one depending on licensing expiry and whatnot.

Not much else. One of the work computers had a scareware Zeus Trojan alert when I got there this morning. I think the patron was afraid to turn the machine off (the scareware said not to, of course) and there was this blinky "call our toll free number immediately" notice going on. I rebooted and just for safety did a scan. The reboot cleared the garbage out because that's what Deep Freeze does.

A thought for the day

Yes, I sent this to my Wolfling, because yes, he smokes :o)

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2017-03-07 10:10 pm
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Cats Don't Dance

Thanks and a tip of the bunny ears to [ profile] porsupah for a mention and discussion of Cats Don't Dance in a post. It had been ages since I watched this flick, and as I only had the VHS I bought it on DVD for 'five and change' from Amazon. Saw it tonight and realized how much of it I'd forgotten and just how wonderful it was. Danny is a sweetheart, and Sawyer just knocks me off my feet! Heh, I only cried a couple of times...

The DVD format was excellent- clear and bright, and outstandingly colorful! I let it run through the credits and sighed at the list of voices used. And the animators and support staff looked to be all on-shore and not farmed out to Asian studios (the names were pronounceable).

One surprise among the animators-

(Picture taken from the 'net)

It was great to see this again!
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2017-03-07 07:50 pm
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More pretty coins

A fun little article by the Royal Mint on their Queen's Beasts series, The Lion of England. Nice sketch there-

And here are two the Royal Canadian Mint Polar Bears-

Fairly standard, and it has little paw prints around the outside rim!


Ah, zoomorphs! :o)
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2017-02-28 07:44 pm
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Big Hugs!

Bear hugs, that is :o)

This book by Nicholas Oldland came through the Library the other day, so I had to bring it home!

It's a cute story, and I love the illustration style

What's not to like about a hugging bear holding a flower?

And this

Lucky rabbit!

Of course Amazon has better pictures with their Look Inside feature.
(all of my pictures expand with a click)
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2017-02-23 08:39 pm
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Recent flix

I got to watch Arrival last night and although it was hard to follow with surety at times (those who have seen it will understand) I liked its approach to extraterrestrial visits as well as how it developed and progressed. A few cliches here, a few new twists there...

Last week I started the new Pete's Dragon. Very Disney in its approach to families... wuss that I am, I started crying about two minutes in and finally shut it down after about half an hour. No Mickey Rooney here for comic relief.

Today the Library showed Trolls for a vacation week flick (kids are out of school). I have no interest in this film: I don't like the characters' looks whatsoever (I never liked those damned little Troll dolls/toys as a kid, either). However, I decided to do a pic for the board regardless, using googled pic for reference (I just realized now I forgot the eyelashes)

I was limited to three or four colors of makers so I couldn't get the blues in this. I'm not displeased with proportions even though these are freehand and not circle/line type sketch to drawings. But I still don't like the movie's animation look ;o)

Did I mention the new Ben Hur previously? It didn't appeal to me so probably not. Morgan Freeman's narration reminded me too much of Shawshank where he commented on Andy and the Sisters :D
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2017-02-19 07:47 pm
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Done! I've been waiting for my program I use to maybe drop in price, and it did on Saturday. I almost bought it for $29 Friday night, but it dropped down to $20 the next day :o)

And heavens, do we owe Federal tax! I knew last March that we'd have a bigger burden this year but failed to take action and have more money deducted each week. The good side is that I didn't line the government pockets with extra dollars of mine all year, and the penalty for underestimating was only $18. I definitely have to change my W4 withholding amounts this year!

At least the State is giving a refund. On the other paw, I may not buy my yearly plush reward now.

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2017-02-19 02:58 pm
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After finishing taxes today I used my Paint Shop Pro program to browse the files I saved off of my dying portable drive. This was fitting as PSP was my first picture editing software (and a bootleg version it was, in 1997). I'm floored at the information that was on here: my first webpages from both (now defunct) and :o) So many pics! A lot of computer/mouse drawn and even more sketchy stuff. I'm so happy to see these again.

Like this one-

1997- Someone random in chat asked for a picture of a hug. Can't say if they liked this, but I did.

I had a happy half hour just browsing folders. The files range from 1996 to about 2011. I didn't read the text files but concentrated on the draws and other pictures: I'm a visual kind of fur ;o)

I remember drawing these rabbits during my "Franz Marc" period

I love Marc's use of colors and his mysticism and symbolism. I can't touch that, but at the time I was really into blues and yellows in my coloring and painting.

I used to draw randomly on whatever paper was available: I had it bad! I got the idea along the way to bind up pics in like groups, like this little book of deities-

I have to find that booklet again and look at what is included. I think my angus dei is in it along with my St. Luke draws, but maybe it's just some Babylonian stuff (like the water colored calf on the cover).

As I say to myself frequently, I need to get back into this again!

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2017-02-17 06:45 am

(no subject)

Just a little something to keep this active, now that there is pic storage here!

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2017-02-15 08:10 pm
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Image hosting on Dreamwidth

It's here, at last! Now we'll see how long it takes me to break it.

Thanks and a tip of the bunny ears to [ profile] ungulata for bringing this to my attention.

A pic: No one at work even noticed the little wolfie I put on the board today so I finally had to explain Lupercalia. Not that it mattered...

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2017-01-25 09:23 pm

Movie time

Finally got to watch

It was a fun little flick- I can't say for sure if there was any moral or deeper meaning to it, but the storyline was original, the characters well developed, the movie well animated, and at times an emotional roll coaster.

These guys were great-

as was the whole wolf pack! Such things they could do :D I really enjoyed this one.

I also watched The Magnificent 7 (the new one)

It's worth a watch as great shoot-em-up Western- other than the lead guy wearing a black hat, there being seven gunmen, and a town to be taught to save itself, this movie has little in common with the Yul Brynner classic ;o)

My only jaded remark for both movies would be "Yeah, if only..."

(all pics expand)
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2017-01-10 07:33 pm

More LJ aggravation

Today I can't read comments or use the LJ taskbar drop-down menus on the tablet. I was able to access these at work on a pc this morning, at least.

Full moon is pulling hard. This might be a good night to relax offline :o)

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2017-01-05 08:59 pm
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The Secret Life of Pets

This was a fun little movie, and gets my "Most misleading title and trailer of 2016, until I find something more so" award!

Trailer aside, it's still a fun little movie in its own right, and the animation is spectacular. I'll watch it again.

And a totally unrelated pic from google as a laptop/insert test... edit: I wondered where my added picture went overnight and re-added it this morning, removing a mess of gibberish code from where the picture had been. Bizarre. I did a re-edit a little while ago, and damned if DW didn't scramble the code once again! I guess I shouldn't edit these in the future if I want my pics to remain. This entry was originally posted at
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2017-01-01 12:09 pm
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