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So it's been Ages since I posted here, and I'm back to check out the site as LJ has effectively imploded again.

I see I still can't store images on the site, but I now have that Google photos account so I can try using that...

hmmm, that failed. No time this morning, though. Back to work.

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I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Richard Adams has died. I saw a post on Twitter this afternoon about streaming Watership Down and realized from that what must have occurred. I wasn't infatuated with the book, an odd admittance from this bunny, but I read it in high school when it was first released (1972) and have watched the movie several times.

RIP. If LJ wasn't a train wreck here on the iPad I'd have included a nice picture to accompany this post.
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Have I mentioned how much I hate sequels? Probably not, because not all sequels are terrible. Alice Through The Looking Glass was pretty good, actually, though I don't really consider it a sequel more than just another story about Alice's adventures.

Another misleading trailer! ;o)

We also watched this over the holiday. Very enjoyable. My favorite characters were

surprise? )
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A few illustrations I've been meaning to share, some since May.

safe enough )
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I wrote a short entry about Otto the Book Bear a few years ago but I cannot locate it now. Regardless, I finally decided to buy a copy of this sweet book for myself, for a penny, plus the usual $3.99 s/h. The book was listed in 'good' condition and the description said the binding was tight and there were no marks on the pages.

The book is in excellent condition and has only one tiny tear in the dust jacket down near the base of the spine! I brought it into work and gave it a mylar cover-

just to save a little space )

I love Cleminson's illustrations and the story is just a nice little read. Otto is the subject of a new book just released last month and I hope we get one for our Childrens Room at work.

Otto and Ernest are a great couple of friends :o)

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There were deer beyond the dog fence yesterday, although I originally only saw this one to take a pic of. Well hidden in plain sight-

Click to enlarge... there may be another to the right of this one.

The dog saw me taking the picture and talking to this fellow, and she flushed out four more (all of whom lithely sprinted off from her, tails flagged). The fawns have lost their spots and have donned winter camo now.


In other critter news, the bunnies which have been secretive of late were back in the yard this morning. I spooked two when I tossed out some bread heels for the birds, and The Huntress gave them what for, sliming up the front window in the process. I saw one rabbit yesterday as well, along the side fence, lazily grooming a leg and watching me out of the side of her eye.

And it's Halloween Vacation week for me. I've got a lot of projects to accomplish, but who knows what I'll actually do.

Finally, not a mouse has stirred in the house all week! Either I've blocked all their entries or they have regrouped and are planning another round of attacks ;o)
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We watched April and the Extraordinary World last night. The most I will say, other than we really enjoyed it, was that it was a bit of a head trip.

The usual misleading trailer-

Pictures will definitely follow when I get a library DVD to copy from: I can't capture from the Blu-ray I borrowed. There's plenty of (spoilers) information about the movie online, like here at RottenTomatoes, but few screen grabs that I would share.
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This one comes by the house every night now and nibbles grass directly under the living room window. The Huntress is not pleased that bunny ignores her!

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I was telling my son on Monday that all the fireflies disappeared a couple of weeks back after a hellacious rain. I mean totally gone, not one could be seen anywhere on the property. I've never noticed this before, that they'd go before the end of August, so it worried me that maybe there was spraying going on for the ongoing moth invasion, but the moths were still abundant (f'ing moths, literally, hundreds of females on the trees being attended to by hundreds of males...).

So last night I go out the basement door with The Huntress and spook a bunny in the process: the rabbit and I are more surprised than she as pup tears out through the door in pursuit. Of course the rabbit gets clear. But hey, I see a firefly blink... and another, and damned if the whole backyard isn't filling up with their little lights :D Fortuitous?

I also heard a deer chuffing away in the backyard yesterday. We've had a beautiful young buck hanging around and I wonder if it wasn't him.

And rabbits... out front as well as the one in the back. It's probably the same rabbit circling about, but it could also be two separate bunnies. The one out back may have a nest started.

Finally, a most unusual addition to my backyard flora

(click to see full sizes)

It's a Canada Lily, or Meadow Lily: there are three but only one has a bloom. We've never had these before, or I've just never noticed them in the last 50 or so years there... Apparently White-tailed deer love eating these, so this one within the dog's fenced yard should be safe...
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This time there was a rabbit out front! I was all set to take a photo of her in an iconic profile pose when my eldest decided to go out the front door. I was able to get three pics at least, before she bolted, with one being less fuzzy than the other two

I added a link (click the pic) to the full size picture but it isn't too clear that way.

This bunny has been in a scrap of some sort, judging by the damage to the facing ear. The other pics are here on my google photos site along with some pictures taken in June.
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...that glass being my front window!

We had two fawns about 30 feet from the front of the house this morning.
Three pics, work safe )

Lucky timing on my part! There was an adult in the side yard earlier but I didn't have my camera with me... not that it mattered: she jumped up and trotted off as soon as she saw me.
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I was doing some more barn cleaning today, a sad little task fraught with sad little ghosts. In the end stall, wherein hangs my Raleigh,

I chanced upon the decayed and scattered ruins of boxes which once held precious memories...

Goodness, what a wreck! The barn roof collapsed and rotted long ago, as these things were probably stored around 1980. On a hopeful whim I dug into the slimy mess, and immediately recognized an item I've been searching for (off and on) for the last 25 or so years!

Surprise! )

[ profile] c_eagle should recognize this :D


Jun. 4th, 2016 08:38 pm
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or Scoots!

I have named the rabbit kitten Scooter because of how quickly it disappears when it senses danger. The adults are used to us and just watch carefully, but the baby goes *poof* when it hears noises.

I did get a couple of decent pics of it today, and I posted them to my google photos share, here. Included are two vegetation shots which are where the little fellow vanishes into and presumably lives (I've seen the kit appear from the brush several times).

My favorite photo today-

Click to enlarge and you will see the tell-tale 'white spot' on the forehead indicating that this is an Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus).

Otherwise... I saw our first firefly last night, blinking up in the tree canopy (***-***-***). I love this time of year!
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I finally got to see one of the baby bunnies out and about: It comes out of a brush pile by the cars and nibbles grass at the edge of the driveway. I haven't seen more than one at a time so it may be the lone survivor of a litter. Here's the only shot I could manage tonight that wasn't blurry or dark (it's expandable)-

We had the mottled rabbit around all day yesterday, grazing by the house. The grass here must be greener than in the fields...
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Our Library annual meeting on June 8 will feature guest author/illustrator Mary Jane Begin. Begin would be best known hereabouts for her extensive MLP work, including

I have no idea who suggested her for a speaker, considering the mostly snoozey adult authors we have hosted in the past, and I might even stay around to hear her speak instead of bailing as usual when the lights dim :D

Still, I wish they had gotten RW Alley (who, like Begin, also lives in Barrington, RI). Alley illustrates Paddington books as well as producing other delightful works

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The Huntress began her frenzied "rabbit rabbit rabbit!" barking and sure enough I saw one of my friends out front. It was the one with stripe-like markings, and with the bridge camera photos I see that some face fur may be missing as well. Regardless, the bunny was most cooperative and let me photograph it from the front steps while it nibbled in the meadow that is my front yard (I can't mow its food supply, now, can I?).

There are a few more pictures, here.


May. 27th, 2016 09:50 pm
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I could never be accused of being a Tom Petty fan, but I stumbled upon an amazing album tonight on Amazon Prime Music-

pic expands

Yes, you might see why I chose to click the album cover in Prime :D Apparently this was just released on May 20th, and here I can listen to it for free!

Love this song; very pretty, lilting... reminiscent of... something heard long ago.

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Appropriately titled...

It's as sweet as the last one I brought home, and I suppose I should give the author, Daniel Pinkwater, credit for that ;o) The book even has a video 'trailer' online-

I've also found another bunny illustrator that I like: Katy Hudson. More later...


Apr. 3rd, 2016 09:24 am
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Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote


Actually, the NWS did predict this :o)

I watched this movie this morning-

Entertaining. Very Disney "kid's movie." Lucious Pixar animation... look at this background!

It was nothing I imagined based on the few trailers I had seen, but then again, few movies are. Check it out at your local library (I snagged mine from work: it was in processing and wasn't going anywhere until Monday).

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This book came across the desk at work today: the title caught my eye...

Hmmmm, no, it's not that sort of goose :D

"Look Inside" at Amazon.


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